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Locally harvest farm fresh worm poo. Yep! That's what I said! Every 21 days we sift each 7 gallon worm bin to extract that rich vermicompost our hard working worms leave behind. Worm poo is a great soil enhance and doesn't stink so it's great for your indoor and outdoor plants.... a handfull per plant/per square foot will do! You can apply every 3 months (indoor plants) and 2-3 times a year with your outdoor plants. 


You can pick this poo up at our local farmers market, onsite at the farm, or we can deliver within the Louisville Metro area (delivery fee of $5 may apply for orders under $20). Once you place your order, you will be invoiced. Please make sure you share your contact information before completing your order. We do not ship this item at this time.


Standard prices are as follows, but are subject to change:


1-3 gallon.....$5 each (plus $5 delivery fee)

4 gallons....$20 (no delivery fee)

5 gallons....$25 (no delivery fee)


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